Ten Tips for The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Ten Tips For the Perfect Sleep

Routine – a regular routine educates your body to sleep far better.  Try going to bed, sleeping and getting up at about the same time, every day – even weekends!

Exercise can make a bigger improvement to sleep than any other natural treatment – studies have shown that people who exercise regularly sleep better.

Relax your mind and body before going to bed – maybe have a warm (not too hot) bath, listen to some quiet music or a relaxation tape or do some yoga.  Studies show that combining pure essential oils with a calming routine works best for deep sleep.

Remove anything from your bedroom than can prevent or disrupt sleep.  Your brain needs to relax so don’t have mobile phones, computers or TV’s in your bedroom

Cut down on stimulants such as caffeine and try a milky drink or night time herbal tea instead.

Create a restful sleeping environment by keeping your bedroom for relaxation and sleep. Keep it at a comfortable temperature and it helps for the bedroom to be as quiet and dark as possible

Clear the clutter from your bedroom

Have a comfortable bed – if your bed is too small, too soft or hard, or the mattress is lumpy it may difficult to get deep, restful sleep. It could be worth investing in a new bed or a new mattress topper to add layers of comfort to your bed.

Choose your bedding carefully to ensure the right temperature – make sure you have the correct tog duvet for the time of year and organic cotton sheets. If you are too warm in bed it can lead to a disrupted night’s sleep.

While you sleep your body works hard to regulate your temperature so by using cool, breathable organic cotton bed linen which is effective in absorbing moisture and perspiration, it becomes much easier.

Change your bed linen regularly (at least once a week) – Any excess dust can irritate the airways which may disrupt sleep.

Spritz your pillow with lavender mist made from pure essential oils, close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

Sweet Dreams!

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