Top Tips to help your children get to sleep

In our recent survey we asked for your top tips to help your children get a good nights sleep.

Thank you to all who entered.

Here are the top 7 tips:

  1. Relaxing Bath before bed
  2. Bedtime story
  3. Work out a routine and stick to it!
  4. Dark Room with blackout blind
  5. Warm Milk or a snack
  6. Cool Bedroom
  7. Lavender Oil on the pillow


Please let us know if you have any more tips!


New Sheep Nursery Bedding for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep


Sheep Nursery Bedding

We are delighted to introduce our new Sheep bedding for babies and children.

The duvet covers are made from 200 thread count organic cotton percale with a white ground and cute little sheep embroidered all over.

Available in cot and cot bed sizes with matching cot bed pillowcases.

We do not recommend duvets and pillows for babies under 12 months old.


Choosing Your Nursery Bedding

After choosing the cot, one of the most important purchases will be the bed linen.

The skin of your precious new baby is so delicate that what we put against it needs to be as pure as possible.  To protect your baby from nasty chemicals and pollutants which leach from the materials into our bodies, it is important to consider buying organic cotton bedding as organic cotton is grown without chemicals and pesticides. Bear in mind that ordinary cotton sheets are typically coated with formaldehyde to make them wrinkle-free, and are processed with chemicals that have essentially become a part of them. When your baby sleeps on this bedding, he or she will be in direct contact with these harmful substances, without you being fully aware of the effects.

Pure organic cotton bedding is breathable and this will help with temperature regulation of your baby.

What bedding do I need to buy for my new baby?

New baby bedding essentials:

It is probably a good idea to opt for neutral bedding and add personal touches of colour with toys and pictures. Neutral colours will ensure that everything will go together with no colour clashes and also so it has a bit of longevity. Having a baby is an expensive time so it helps if you can buy things that can be passed down to a baby in the future.

To start with the following list is a minimum that you need:

Fitted Moses Basket Sheets

Flat Sheets
Swaddling Blankets
Organic Cotton Light Blanket
Hooded Towel

Receiving Shawl – for the trip home from hospital or the baptism or Naming Ceremony

When buying your baby bedding, plan for 3 or 4 fitted and flat sheets and 2 light weight baby blankets for layering. This will enable you to have a couple of spare changes.

The baby blankets can also be used as a swaddling blanket.

Top Tips for Buying Nursery Bedding

You’ll need a good collection of quality essentials and the following are considerations:

Quality – always ensure you buy good quality fabrics such as percale. As you have to wash baby bedding so frequently they will last longer than cheap fabrics.

100% Organic Cotton. Don’t go for mixed fibres such as polyester cotton as these will be too warm and sticky for the baby and after frequent washing tend to ‘pill’ and become bobbly to the touch.

A Swaddling Blanket is an essential item to help with the new baby’s sense of security. Always choose one made of natural fibres; 100% organic cotton is best.

Go for a mix of sheets and light-weight blankets, so you can easily add an extra layer or take one away – Please do remember that a blanket doubled over counts as two layers.

Duvets, pillows and cot bumpers are not suitable for babies under 12 months old.

Essential Nursery Accessories

Blackout Blind – Planning for a good night’s sleep now will make all the difference in those sleep deprived weeks yet to come. Most babies sleep better in the dark simply because their bodies start to produce the sleep hormone that is stimulated by darkness.

A brightly-coloured mobile that attaches to the cot is a good choice for stimulating his senses.

Swaddling Blanket – may help with the baby’s sense of security.

Baby Monitor – as a Mum you want to hear everything once baby is safely tucked up in bed.


New Owls Collection for Boys and Girls

The new Owl collection of luxury organic bedlinen has arrived.

Owl Blue Owls Pink

Perfect to add a Spring feel to any childs bedroom.

In luxury 200 threadcount organic cotton percale, the owls are embroidered all over the duvet covers.

The coordinating pillowcases have one owl motif in the corner.

Baby Towels and Blankets also available.

Owl Towel Blue Square OwlTowelPinkSq

Planning Your Organic Nursery

What could be more exciting than waiting to welcome a new baby into your family and home? Especially if it is your first child, you will be excitedly buying all the things that you need for your new baby and setting up a wonderful nursery for them.

But before you go rushing off to the shops, there are a few things that you may want to consider.  For example, what are the best types of bedding, clothing, toys and nursery accessories that you can buy for your precious new infant?

If you want to protect your little baby from nasty chemicals and pollutants that can potentially harm their skin, damage their breathing and cause ongoing health problems into later life then maybe you will need to consider buying organic.

Luckily for expectant Mums today there is a huge range of organic baby products available, and you will find it really easy to create a wonderful organic and natural nursery for your little one.

Having a ‘green baby’ also helps to keep our planet safe and clean, ensuring that your child will grow up and still be able to enjoy the wonders of the natural world.

New Organic Nursery Bedding

Fine Cotton Company Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep Nursery Bedding

Soft to the touch, Kinder for your baby
The new organic nursery collection from The Fine Cotton Company offers a range of luxurious and exclusive organic cotton baby bedding and sheets, organic cotton baby blankets and organic cotton baby towels.
Made from organic cotton which is grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides to ensure they are as safe as possible for the Baby and Mummy-to-Be.

Baby Soft Dreams with Organic Bedding
At The Fine Cotton Company we believe your baby should have the best sleep possible, free of potentially harmful chemical residues. After all, your baby may sleep for up to 70% of the time. Our organic cotton is grown without pesticides and carefully sourced. This ensures that the organic fabrics used for our baby bedding are safer and kinder to the planet, friendly to the skin and yet beautifully designed and of luxurious quality; for your peace of mind and a peaceful night’s sleep for your baby.

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