Girls Bedroom Makeover Inspiration By Interior Blogger Molly Forbes

We love to see how our products help to transform interiors and this bedroom makeover by interior blogger Molly Forbes, who writes Mother’s Always Right, is a fabulous one. It’s also great to hear that she’s a big fan of The Fine Cotton Company products now too!

Molly decided to do a room makeover project, creating a stunning bedroom that’s shared by her two daughters, Freya aged seven and Effie aged three. With new bunk beds, bedding and bed linen on the wish list for the new room. Molly got in touch with The Fine Cotton Company team and we were delighted to be able to help her create the bedroom she wanted for her girls.

Here’s the bedroom before:



Before, the space was cluttered. The furniture was a collection of pieces handed down or upcycled by Molly. Storage was a challenge with more stuff than space, it wasn’t easy to get to anything. Toys were crammed into boxes on shelves and clothes squished into storage that was long grown out of.

Converting this room into a shared bedroom for both Freya and Effie allowed all the toys to go into Effie’s old room, which now doubles up as a playroom and spare room.

And here’s the bedroom after:



Molly chose a pink, mint and gold colour palette to reflect some of her girl’s favourite things: ice-cream, iced donuts, macaroons and candy floss.

When it came to bedding Molly explained “I wanted to avoid bedding with a print that was too “busy”. This delicate Dotty Pink design from The Fine Cotton Company is perfect. It’s a nod to the pink without being completely pink-tastic.” Both the girls are fans too, Freya says of the organic cotton that “it is so soft, it’s like sleeping in a cloud”.

Within the new bed linen is The Fine Bedding Company’s washable Spundown duvet and pillows that are playing a big part in the “sleeping on a cloud” thing.

At the windows there were curtains, these were replaced with Venetian blinds in matt white from Style Studio. These are neater than curtains and much better at keeping the light out.

Delighted with the new room, Molly enthused: “In fact, since we’ve changed the girls’ bedding we’ve noticed a marked improvement in bedtime!”

You can read the full bedroom reveal here, but here are a few of our favourite shots of the room.





Who else has bedroom envy now? Congratulations Molly, we love the room you have created for your girls, you have done an incredible job.

You can also watch a full room tour in Molly’s video below.

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If anyone has any similar makeovers with our products we’d love to see them. Why not email them over to

Molly Forbes – Product Review

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