How to Choose your Duvet Cover

How to Choose your Duvet Cover

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Deciding whether or not to buy a duvet cover: Duvets and down comforters are pretty expensive on their own, and spending even more on a down comforter cover can sometimes be a tough choice to make. However, buying a comforter cover is probably a wise investment for several reasons. First, using a comforter cover lengthens the life of your bedding duvet or comforter by protecting it from wear and tear, so instead of replacing an expensive duvet a few years down the road, you can simply buy a new, inexpensive duvet cover.


Second, using a duvet cover keeps your duvet looking good by protecting it from stains, dust and dirt. This is especially important since most duvets are white and readily display spills and stains. Third, a duvet cover or comforter cover will save you cleaning costs. Most down comforters can’t be washed in a home washing machine, and cleaning bills to clean comforters can stack up over time.

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Down comforter covers, on the other hand, can be quickly removed from your comforter and tossed into the wash. Finally, duvet covers offer an inexpensive way to change the look of your bedding. Instead of buying entirely new bedding, you can simply buy a new duvet cover set and change the look of your room. Find the best set that suits you, do you want a duvet cover that also come packaged with coordinating sheets, pillow cases or pillow shams, or do you want to avoid that matchy matchy look in your bedroom?

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Then look for a bedding set that has a printed duvet, but shams and sheets in solid colours, it will break up too much of an all over   pattern that in a small room can be too much. Silk duvets are a little more expensive, but are also washable and can come in vibrant and rich colours that will give your bedroom a rich and sumptuous look.


Think about changing your duvet cover to suit the seasons, like summery linen duvet covers for spring and summer, or rich colours in big deep bold prints or rich block colours  for winter covers.

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