Can Organic Cotton bedlinen help with Ezcema?

Eczema is one of the greatest skin problems facing Britain’s youngsters today. Eczema has been diagnosed in one in five children and one in twelve adults in Britain, making eczema levels among the highest in the world. Because it is prone to drying out and is easily damaged, skin with eczema is more liable to become red and inflamed on contact with substances that are known to irritate or cause an allergic reaction.

So what can be done to help Children with Eczema?

Avoiding certain triggers including chemicals, rough clothing, excessive heat and moisture may reduce eczema and the itching and inflammation associated with it.

There may also be benefits to buying organic cotton bedding for your children so they sleep in a natural, chemical free environment including the following:

Chemical Free:

Organic cotton bed linen is pure, soft and gentle on the skin and is grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides so it doesn’t irritate delicate skin. So when you buy organic cotton bedding for your childrenyou know it is of the highest quality and ensures the safest and most comfortable sleeping environment.


Organic cotton bed linen is grown without chemicals, pesticides and genetic enhancers ensuring your children are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. Children sleep for around 40% of the so it’s important that your bedroom is as comfortable, warm, properly aired and as free from chemical irritants as possible. Childrens skin is much more sensitive than adults. If there are traces of bleaches or synthetic dyes in a childs bedding, they can cause harmful skin conditions or illness. So buying organic cotton bed linen is a great idea for anyone who is at all sensitive to chemicals and toxins.  Many chemicals used in the production of non organic bedding, such as fire retardants and formaldehyde are constantly seeping out of your non-organic sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases.


The main benefits of organic bedding are that it is soft, natural, breathable and much healthier than conventional non organic cotton. Organic bedding and organic cotton linens make a world of difference to our optimal health, well-being and natural comfort for you and your family. Organic bedding is beautifully soft and smooth, and naturally resists common allergens.

Regulates Temperature:

Organic bed linen can help children have a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep as organic cottons are far more effective in absorbing moisture and perspiration than non-organic fabrics. This high level of absorption helps to eliminate the excess sweating that some people can experience when sleeping in non-organic cotton or synthetic bed linens.  Using organic cotton bed linen can also reduce incidences of fungal infections, like athletes’ foot, that are aggravated by sweating.

Stylish, Comfortable, Affordable and Long Lasting:

Organic cotton bed linen is very affordable and is also very durable and long lasting.   Because they have been grown naturally the organic cotton fibres reach their full growth and they are stronger than commercially grown cotton fibres.  When you care for your organic cotton bed linens properly they last longer than commercially grown cotton or synthetic sheets and duvet covers. Cotton is incredibly soft, machine-washable and allows the child’s skin to breathe naturally. Gone are the days when organic cotton bedding meant dull fabrics and unimaginative designs. Organic cotton bedding is now available in the most up to date, stylish designs in luxurious fabrics.

A number of parents have found organic children’s bed linen have helped to reduce discomfort associated with eczema.

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