The best Mothers Day Present is Sleep!

The best Mothers Day Present is Sleep!

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Mothers Day is just days away, and always the biggest conundrum is what to give her on this special day. Well probably one of the best things she would love is sleep! Mums work harder than anyone could imagine, whatever their age. And if she has young children the the day is packed with running around looking after them, and it can be hard physical work, with either staying at home with them when they are young or taking them to school.


Housework, shopping and cleaning all take their toll physically on her, and at the end of the day all you want to do is sleep! So if  she  like most new mums, a good night’s sleep seems as far away as the moon and stars in her weary mind. Sleep seems a million miles away when the kids are up all night, and so are mums and dads are also indeed up all night, and it’s just no fun any more. But a good night’s rest doesn’t have to be an illusion. a good nights sleep will have a huge effect on the quality of her life. So on Mothers Day, besides your thoughtful card and gorgeous big bouquet of flowers, present her with a cool morning off, just let her sleep late or take a sweet nap while you take the kids out to the park.


But, one thing is for certain, she will sleep much better if she has a decent bed and bedlinen. It will make such a difference to her all round wellbeing, with a good nights sleep in a beautiful bed think how happy she will be! Bedlinen might seem like an expensive Mother’s Day present, it certainly is something that she should be treated to at some point.

Feeling the Heat? Cool Cotton Bed Linen for a Cool Night’s Sleep

Cool Organic Cotton Bedding

Cool Organic Cotton Bedding

Are you feeling too hot and uncomfortable in bed at the moment?

It may be time to switch to cool, breathable cotton for a comfortable nights sleep!

Now the summer is here, it could time to introduce into your bedroom beautiful, soft organic cotton bed linen, lightweight silk duvets and silk pillows to keep as cool as possible during the hot nights.

Firstly ensure you have a lightweight duvet on your bed. Summer weights start at 3.0 Tog and 4.5 Tog are also nice and light. The pure silk range of duvets, pillows and mattress enhancers can help maintain your comfort on hot, sweaty nights, as they are naturally breathable and heat conducting.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and they really do help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cooler on those hot nights.

Some people prefer just to sleep with a top sheet instead of duvet and have a light weight blanket if it gets a little chilly. If you are choosing sheets, the cooler option is for cotton especially organically grown cotton.

Organic cotton bed linens are very effective in absorbing moisture and perspiration and can help you have a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep. This high level of absorption helps to eliminate the excess sweating that some people can experience when sleeping in non-organic cotton or synthetic bed linens.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester do not breathe well and do not aid heat regulation during sleep.  are Some conditions such as fungal infections, like athletes’ foot may be aggravated by sweating and organic cotton bed linen may reduce incidences.

Organic cotton bed linen is breathable and pure, soft and gentle on the skin and is grown without nasty chemicals or pesticides. So when you buy organic cotton bedding you know it is of the highest quality and ensures the safest and most comfortable sleeping environment.

To maximise the benefits of sleeping in organic bed linen it is important to change and wash your linens frequently at a high temperature in a gentle, organic cleanser to help ensure that you keep your bedroom clean and fragrant and also free of irritants.

Being too warm in bed is one reason for a poor night’s sleep. While you sleep your body works hard to regulate your temperature so by using cool, breathable organic cotton it becomes much easier.

Ten Tips for a Great Nights Sleep

10 Tips for a Better Sleep

  • Keep to a regular routine –  educate your body to sleep far better by  going to bed, sleeping and getting up at about the same time, every day – even weekends!
  • Exercise more – studies have shown that people who exercise regularly sleep better. Exercise can make a bigger improvement to sleep than any other natural treatment. It can help relieve the day’s stresses and strains.
  • Create a restful sleeping environment by keeping your bedroom for relaxation and sleep. Keep it at a comfortable temperature – not too hot or too cold. It helps for the bedroom to be as quiet and dark as possible.
  • Remove Technology – Don’t have computers and TV’s in your bedroom
  • Clear the clutter – have a tidy bedroom as clutter may disrupt sleep.
  • Relax before going to bed – maybe have a warm (no too hot) bath, listen to some quiet music or a relaxation tape or do some yoga. These can help to relax the mind and body.
  • Cut down on caffeine and try a milky drink or herbal tea instead – stimulants such as caffeine in tea or coffee may interfere with falling asleep and prevent deep sleep. Some herbal teas such as camomile tea have sleep-inducing properties. Milk is very soothing and if you add nutmeg this can help as a relaxant.
  • Have a comfortable bed – if your bed is too small, too soft, too hard, or too old it may difficult to get deep, restful sleep. It could be worth investing in a new bed.
  • Temperature – make sure you have the correct tog duvet for the time of year and natural cotton bed-linen. When you are too warm in bed it can lead to a disrupted night’s sleep. While you are asleep your body is working to regulate the temperature.  It helps to use naturally cool, breathable cottons.
  • Refresh your bed-linen – change your bedding at least once a week. Any excess dust can irritate the airways which may disrupt sleep. When did you last change your valance or bed skirt? These are known to harbour dust and are generally changed infrequently – who does like lifting the mattress off to remove the valance? Check out the ‘Tuck-Top’ Valance exclusively at The Fine Cotton Company. Change your valance in seconds with this back-friendly valance! interviews The Fine Cotton Company

Read our interview with

Fine Cotton

By Angela Audretsch. May 05, 2011

Cotton is one of natures super materials. It is breathable, hypoallergenic, practical, sustainable, recyclable and robust. But can it be luxurious as well? According to Jane Robson, founder of The Fine Cotton Company, it can be. As suppliers to superyachts and the hospitality industry, The Fine Cotton Company is well versed in the world of high-quality textiles. Sourcing all of its cotton from Italy, Portugal and Turkey, it delivers an ethically superior collection of chic designs in organic cottons of up to 1000 thread count. Jane took the time to answer some of SuperyachtDesigns questions about this time-honoured textile.

SYD: Cotton can feel a bit utilitarian – can it be a luxury product too?
JR: Yes. The feel of the cotton very much depends on four main things: the length of the cotton fibres (we use extra long staple yarns for most of our fabrics) the yarn count, i.e. the coarseness of the yarn if the yarn is carded or combed and the weave of the fabric. The cotton yarn needs to be fully combed, removing all the short fibres resulting in a smoother thread. Once woven into the bed linen a combed yarn gives a much smoother fabric compared to a carded one. The higher the number of threads per inch, the better the quality of the bed linen and the more luxurious. For example, our Seville 600 thread count sateen weave, our latest stock collection, is a luxurious cotton fabric with a silk like feel. It also drapes beautifully. We offer up to 1000 thread count in our special order ranges.

SYD: What are the benefits of organic cotton?

JR: Organic cotton is unrivalled and will last longer than ‘easy care’ cotton fabrics where formaldehyde has often been used and weakened the fabric. This is why organic cotton can withstand laundering at high temperatures better than non-organic cottons. The Fine Cotton Company ensures optimum quality by offering natural and organic fabrics, all ethically produced without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Non-organic cotton and polyester blends within the superyacht or hospitality markets should be avoided, as they can feel hot and sticky with a tendency to ‘pill’ after washing. Organic cottons are far more effective in absorbing moisture and perspiration than non-organic fabrics, which allows bed linen to ‘breathe’ and aid heat regulation during sleep for the comfort of guests and end users.

SYD: What makes high thread count organic cotton so durable?
JR: It is all down to the weave of the fabric. Because organic cotton is grown naturally without any chemicals or pesticides, the fibres are allowed to grow to their natural length without breaking, resulting in a longer, smoother fibre. The cotton threads are then combed and then woven into a variety of bed linens, which are softer and extremely durable because of the lack of chemicals that are used during growing and manufacture. For softness and durability organic cotton really is hard to beat.

SYD: What are your superyacht clients looking for?

JR: A discreet and confidential service offering high quality bed linen, as well as anything from duvets, pillows, mattress protectors, blankets, monogrammed towels and bath robes, to slippers, laundry bags and table linens. We are able to advise clients on the most suitable products for their needs and customers can order one-offs of most products. For bedding we make to the exact sizes and unusual shapes.

SYD: Are there any special care considerations for organic cotton on board yachts?
Keep bedding fresh by allowing air to flow through. Launder the cotton regularly using non-biological washing powder. If the yacht has drying facilities, do not dry completely as cotton is far easier to iron whilst damp. Our most popular collection for yachts is the Trieste, a 410 thread count percale with one line satin stitch. Made in Italy, this ranges combines luxury and durability.


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