Girls Bedroom Makeover Inspiration By Interior Blogger Molly Forbes

We love to see how our products help to transform interiors and this bedroom makeover by interior blogger Molly Forbes, who writes Mother’s Always Right, is a fabulous one. It’s also great to hear that she’s a big fan of The Fine Cotton Company products now too!

Molly decided to do a room makeover project, creating a stunning bedroom that’s shared by her two daughters, Freya aged seven and Effie aged three. With new bunk beds, bedding and bed linen on the wish list for the new room. Molly got in touch with The Fine Cotton Company team and we were delighted to be able to help her create the bedroom she wanted for her girls.

Here’s the bedroom before:



Before, the space was cluttered. The furniture was a collection of pieces handed down or upcycled by Molly. Storage was a challenge with more stuff than space, it wasn’t easy to get to anything. Toys were crammed into boxes on shelves and clothes squished into storage that was long grown out of.

Converting this room into a shared bedroom for both Freya and Effie allowed all the toys to go into Effie’s old room, which now doubles up as a playroom and spare room.

And here’s the bedroom after:



Molly chose a pink, mint and gold colour palette to reflect some of her girl’s favourite things: ice-cream, iced donuts, macaroons and candy floss.

When it came to bedding Molly explained “I wanted to avoid bedding with a print that was too “busy”. This delicate Dotty Pink design from The Fine Cotton Company is perfect. It’s a nod to the pink without being completely pink-tastic.” Both the girls are fans too, Freya says of the organic cotton that “it is so soft, it’s like sleeping in a cloud”.

Within the new bed linen is The Fine Bedding Company’s washable Spundown duvet and pillows that are playing a big part in the “sleeping on a cloud” thing.

At the windows there were curtains, these were replaced with Venetian blinds in matt white from Style Studio. These are neater than curtains and much better at keeping the light out.

Delighted with the new room, Molly enthused: “In fact, since we’ve changed the girls’ bedding we’ve noticed a marked improvement in bedtime!”

You can read the full bedroom reveal here, but here are a few of our favourite shots of the room.





Who else has bedroom envy now? Congratulations Molly, we love the room you have created for your girls, you have done an incredible job.

You can also watch a full room tour in Molly’s video below.

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If anyone has any similar makeovers with our products we’d love to see them. Why not email them over to

Molly Forbes – Product Review

* This review is the independent blogger’s own words, thoughts and opinions  and the video content is embedded from the blogger’s own YouTube channels.

All images courtesy of Molly’s Instagram @mollyjforbes

Three of the Best Luxury Children’s Bedding Sets

Give children’s rooms a magical makeover in time for Christmas with our three brand-new cotton percale bed linen collections.  Each available with matching embroidered accessories that are ideal for stocking fillers.

Unicorns Organic Cotton Linen Collection

FCC7       ­­­­

There’s no escaping the unicorn craze that’s been sweeping the globe. This elegant, mystical creature has popped up on anything from pyjamas to pizza and its popularity is showing no signs of wavering.

Beautiful bedding with an all-over embroidered unicorn design in soft pink, lilac and silver, is a sophisticated way to introduce this magical motif into homes.  Plus coordinating accessories are an ideal Christmas gift for toddlers and teens alike.

Top off this look with a supersoft candy-coloured lambswool throw; a sweet addition to the scheme.

Triple Stars & Handbags Organic Cotton Linen Collections


An embroidered triple stars pattern in classic blue /green colourway is a timeless update for a child’s room and will take them right through their teenage years.

Where The Fine Cotton Company’s pink handbags design is gorgeous, girlie and will last for years.

Both designs feature detailed embroidery on the softest organic 200 thread count cotton percale.  Matching pillow cases and accessories are available.


Thanks to Laura at Little Stuff

Thank you to the lovely Laura at Little Stuff for the great review about our Bright Stars Bed Linen

Here is a copy of her comments…

Bright Stars Square 1000-02

Finding bedding for teenagers can be really tricky, I find. They’re WELL past the stage of wanting their favourite comic book hero or tv character sleeping next to them each night, and yet they’re usually not ready (especially the boys) for the adult offerings of floral patterns or plain old block colours that seem to be the only alternative.

So I let out a Whoop Of Happy when I was looking at the Fine Cotton Company’s site and teen boy crossed behind me, pausing to exclaim spontaneously “Oh, I love that stars duvet cover, that’s really cool!”

Hurrah hurray hurroo.

And out of the website and onto his bed, how does it stand up?

It’s flipping gorgeous.

I clearly didn’t read the description clearly, because I was surprised to see the star pattern is actually embroidered on and not printed. Such a nice touch that really lifts the set.

The biggest test of all, of course, is how it feels. The boy is VERY fussy, and chooses to sleep under an old and faded spiderman duvet cover rather than a newer, more suitable cover that isn’t 100% cotton and therefore doesn’t feel as nice on his skin.

The Bright Stars set? Passes with flying colours. My only issue now is that he won’t sleep under anything else, so I have to wash it and dry it in a day!


The set washes beautifully, and being 100% organic cotton it dries fast too. It does need an iron, but I’m sorry to say the boy prefers his bedding ‘softly rumpled’ and not crisply flat, so no iron was used in the making of this bed.

The Bright Stars organic 200tc bedding can be bought direct from the Fine Cotton Company. It’s available in double, single and cotbed sizes, and the single duvet cover is £45.

Create a Nursery Fit for a Princess or Prince

Nursery Ideas

Nursery Ideas From The Fine Cotton Company

The Royal Baby has now arrived – Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Here are a few tips for creating a beautiful nursery for your baby.

Choosing your Nursery Bedding

With babies spending up to 14 hours a day sleeping, after choosing the cot, one of the most important purchases will be the bed linen.

The skin of your precious new baby is so delicate that what we put against it needs to be as pure as possible. To protect your baby from nasty chemicals and pollutants which leach from the materials into our bodies, it is important to consider buying organic cotton bedding as organic cotton is grown without chemicals and pesticides. Bear in mind that ordinary cotton sheets are typically coated with formaldehyde to make them wrinkle-free, and are processed with chemicals that have essentially become a part of them. When your baby sleeps on this bedding, he or she will be in direct contact with these harmful substances, without you being fully aware of the effects.

Pure organic cotton bedding is breathable and this will help with temperature regulation of your baby.

It is probably a good idea to opt for subtle coloured bedding and add personal touches of colour with toys and pictures. Neutral colours will ensure that everything will go together with no colour clashes and also so it has a bit of longevity.Having a baby is an expensive time so it helps if you can buy things that can be passed down to a baby in the future.

When buying your baby bedding plan for 3 or 4 fitted and flat sheets and 2 light weight baby blankets for layering. This will enable you to have a couple of spare changes. The baby blankets we recommend can be used as a swaddling blanket.

Tips for Buying Bedding

You’ll need a good collection of quality essentials

  1. Quality – always ensure you buy good quality fabrics such as percale. As you have to wash baby bedding so frequently they will last longer than cheap fabrics.
  2. 100% Organic Cotton. Don’t go for mixed fibres such as polyester cotton as these will be too warm and sticky for the baby and after frequent washing tend to ‘pill’ and become bobbly to the touch.
  3. A Swaddling Blanket is an essential item to help with the new baby’s sense of security. Always choose one made of natural fibres; 100% organic cotton is best.
  4. Go for a mix of sheets and light-weight blankets, so you can easily add an extra layer or take one away – Please do remember that a blanket doubled over counts as two layers.
  5. Duvets, pillows and cot bumpers are not suitable for babies under 12 months old.
  6. There is currently a debate about the use of cot bumpers and their safety. Certain States in the USA have banned the use of cot bumpers as they believe they may contribute to cot deaths. There have been many cases reported of suffocation caused by the baby being caught between the bumper and the mattress.

Essential Accessories

  1. Blackout Blind –Planning for a good night’s sleep now will make all the difference in those sleep deprived weeks yet to come. Most babies sleep better in the dark simply because their bodies start to produce the sleep hormone that is stimulated by darkness.
  2. A brightly-coloured mobile that attaches to the cot is a good choice for stimulating his senses.
  3. Swaddling Blanketmay help with the baby’s sense of security.
  4. Baby Monitor – as a Mum you want to hear everything once baby is safely tucked up in bed

Soft to the touch and kind on the conscience, The Fine Cotton Company ensures optimum quality by offering 100% organic cottons, silks and natural fabrics, all ethically produced without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. All organic cotton used is certified by GOTS, which ensures the organic status covering the production, processing and manufacturing of the fibres.

New Bright Stars Duvet Covers for Children

Childrens Bright Stars Duvet Covers

Bright Stars Duvet Covers













Just arrived, the Bright stars duvet cover collection for children any age.

The duvet covers are made from 200 Thread Count Organic Cotton Percale embroidered with blue and red stars. In double, single and cot bed sizes.

The pillowcases are available separately in standard and cot bed sizes.

New Gingham Owls Nursery Design

This month The Fine Cotton Company have launched the new gingham owls nursery bed linen design.

Gingham Owls Cot Bed Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

Blue Gingham Owls Nursery Duvet Cover

Pink Gingham Cot Bed Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

Gingham Owls Nursery Duvet Cover Pink













Exclusively designed and made for The Fine Cotton Company in Europe from a luxurious and practical 200 threadcount.

The front of the duvet is made from a woven gingham check in cotton, with a white embroidered panel across the top of the duvet and a white reverse in 100% organic cotton. Matching pillowcases are available separately.

The pink gingham colourway has a beautiful lace trim detail with an embroidered owl motifs on the duvet and the pillowcase.

The blue gingham colourway has an embroidered owl motif on the duvet and the pillowcase.

The duvet cover comes in cot (100 x 120 cms) and cot bed (120 x 150 cms) sizes with matching cot bed pillowcases (38 x 60 cms) available separately.

We do not recommend duvets and pillows for babies under 12 months old.




New Sheep Nursery Bedding for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep


Sheep Nursery Bedding

We are delighted to introduce our new Sheep bedding for babies and children.

The duvet covers are made from 200 thread count organic cotton percale with a white ground and cute little sheep embroidered all over.

Available in cot and cot bed sizes with matching cot bed pillowcases.

We do not recommend duvets and pillows for babies under 12 months old.


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